Four Courts

The "Four Courts" on whose "porch" Richie Goulding stands at the end of Wandering Rocks is a large neoclassical structure on the north bank of the Liffey, just west of the Richmond (now O'Donovan Rossa) Bridge which connects Winetavern Street on the river's south bank to Chancery Lane on the north. In 1904 all the superior courts in Ireland were housed in this building, whose name reflects the fact that it originally housed four such courts: Chancery, King's Bench, Exchequer, and Common Pleas. Three different sections of the tenth chapter show people bustling about at this important legal center, in a discontinuous sequence that appears to move forward in time from section to section.

John Hunt 2023

2022 photograph by PD Photo showing the Four Courts building beyond the O'Donovan Rossa bridge. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The Round Hall of the Four Courts these days, photographer and date unknown. Source:

The Four Courts and Inns quay before the advent of automobiles, photographer and date unknown. Source:

Location of Reuben Dodd's office shown on 1920 Bartholomew's map.
Source: Norman B. Leventhal Map and Education Center, Boston Public Library.