Mutoscope pictures

In Nausicaa Bloom thinks of "Mutoscope pictures in Capel street: for men only. Peeping Tom." Mutoscopes were coin-operated boxes that allowed customers to advance a reel of film by turning a handle. Like photographs before them, these early motion pictures were quickly turned to prurient uses, making money by enticing passers-by to watch a moving peep-show. In Circe, a mutoscope motion picture from the early 1900s called What the Butler Saw provides the basis for a fantasy in which Bloom becomes a valet invited to "apply your eye to the keyhole and play with yourself while I just go through her a few times."

John Hunt 2013

1899 trade advertisement for the Mutoscope. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

What the Butler Saw, print by Dana Gumms. Source:

Lady Colin Campbell, sketched by Giovanni Boldini (1897), displayed in the Tate Museum, London. Source: Wikimdedia Commons.