The 15th chapter of Ulysses, usually called Circe, takes place in Dublin's red-light district. Joyce calls it "nighttown," but most Dubliners in 1904 knew it as the Monto, because Montgomery Street ran along one edge. It was also strongly identified with the former Mecklenburgh Street (Tyrone Street in 1904). Most of the action of the chapter takes place in what Ithaca calls "the disorderly house of Mrs Bella Cohen, 82 Tyrone street, lower." The area was only a few blocks east of the busy hub of Sackville Street.

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Streets in the Monto, showing Tyrone (Mecklenburgh) Street in the center, Mabbot Street running up to it perpendicularly from the bottom center, and Montgomery Street parallel and two blocks down. Sackville Street is just off the left border. Source:

Photograph of prostitutes in the Monto, date unknown. Source: