When Bloom is invested as Lord Mayor, Magistrate, Chairman, President, King, Emperor, Pope, and Messiah, he swears an oath of office while "Placing his right hand on his testicles." The business of swearing sacred oaths on the family jewels may appear to be one more of Circe's wild spontaneous fantasies, but in fact it was practiced by ancient Hebrews, and probably also by Romans. There may even be Irish historical analogues.

John Hunt 2022

Representation by an unknown artist of Abraham's command to his servant to put his hand "under my thigh." Source: kepticsannotatedbible.com.

Representation by an unknown artist of the alleged groping of the testicles of Pope Innocent X at his 1644 coronation and the confirming cry, Testiculos habet (He has testicles!), a practice supposedly adopted in response to the supposed prior election of a female named Pope Joan. Source: www.cabinetmagazine.org.