The first sentence of Ithaca shows Bloom and Stephen "returning" to Eccles Street, echoing the walk that Odysseus and Telemachus take to get back to the royal palace in Ithaca. But in fact the gerund does not apply to Stephen: he has no home to return to, and the chapter will show that he has miles to go before he sleeps. It is richly evocative for Bloom, however. He is going home at the end of a very long day and, like Odysseus, he is thinking about how to set his house in order. The chapter's crystalline if quirky rationality imitates his process of coming to intellectual rest.

John Hunt 2014

  1960 photograph by Vincenzo Balocchi of two men walking on a street in Florence. Source:

Odysseus killing the suitors on an Attic red-figure skyphos, ca. 440 BC, from Tarquinia, by the Penelope Painter. Source: