Loud lone crack

As Bloom sits in his parlor, about to rise and enter the adjoining bedroom, he contemplates three minor mysteries: a "selfimposed enigma," a "selfinvolved enigma," and a "selfevident enigma." The first is self-imposed because it "involuntarily" impacts his thoughts: a wooden table in the parlor emits "a brief sharp unforeseen heard loud lone crack." Bloom's curiosity about the "cause" of this noise invites comparison to a moment in Homer's Odyssey when a thunderclap gives evidence of divine approval just before the slaugher of the suitors. But any suggestion of heroism is tempered by Bloom's hesitation to leave the parlor and join his wife in bed.

John Hunt 2020

Jason Weingart's recent photograph of a lightning strike in the United States. Source: www.jasonrweingart.com.