Loud lone crack

As Bloom sits in his parlor, about to rise and enter the adjoining bedroom, he contemplates three minor mysteries: a "selfimposed enigma," a "selfinvolved enigma," and a "selfevident enigma." The first is self-imposed because it "involuntarily" impacts his thoughts: a wooden table in the parlor emits "a brief sharp unforeseen heard loud lone crack." Bloom's curiosity about the "cause" of this noise invites comparison to a moment in Homer's Odyssey when a thunderclap is taken for evidence of divine approval. But it is also productive to ask why he is searching out mysteries at this particular time: could it be that he is none too eager to climb into bed with Molly?

JH 2020

Jason Weingart's recent photograph of a lightning strike in the United States. Source: www.jasonrweingart.com.