Listed feet

When Stephen enters Bloom's house, he follows "the man's back and listed feet and lighted candle" down the hallway and a short flight of stairs into the kitchen. The description of Bloom's feet seems strange (is he leaning to one side?) only because it employs a common 19th century usage that has since become obsolete: "list slippers" were soled with fabric, making them more comfortable than outdoor footwear and also much quieter. Joyce puts them into his narrative to indicate Bloom's solicitous care toward his possibly sleeping wife.

JH 2020

John Leech's 1843 illustration of A Christmas Carol showing Ebeneezer Scrooge in nightshirt, nightcap, and (list?) slippers. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Advertisement for Alfred Dolge's "noiseless" felt slippers in the 15 November 1888 Youths Companion. Source: