Margate strand

In Penelope Molly thinks of the beach where Those Lovely Seaside Girls is set: "those fine young men I could see down in Margate strand bathingplace from the side of the rock standing up in the sun naked like a God or something and then plunging into the sea with them why arent all men like that thered be some consolation for a woman." Margate is a seacoast town in Kent, in southeastern England. Victorians and Edwardians were preoccupied with what Bloom in Eumaeus calls "Margate with mixed bathing": a beach notorious for the close proximity of male and female swimmers, for displays of male nudity, and for female flirtation that reportedly gratified voyeurs both male and female.

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The harbor at Margate in the 1890s, in a colorized print of a photograph held in the Library of Congress, showing bathing machines in the water. Source:

Cartoon in October 1870 issue of Punch magazine, with the caption "Ahem! Pray Excuse me, Madam My Bathing-Machine I think." Source:

Another cartoon, with caption reading, "The Gentlemen's Machines are Too Close to the Ladies." Source: