Map of it all

In Penelope Molly recalls a concert "over a year ago" in which she participated "on account of father being in the army and my singing the absentminded beggar and wearing a brooch for Lord Roberts when I had the map of it all." Fundraising events for troops who fought in the second Boer War were still being conducted in 1903, long after the war's 1902 conclusion, and Molly agreed to participate since her father was a career soldier in the British army. The song she sang and the brooch she wore are easily identified, but until now "the map of it all" has not been adequately explained.

John Hunt 2022

A 1901 handkerchief produced to raise money for the war by the Daily Mail, with images of Lord Roberts, Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Sullivan's The Absentminded Beggar, a map of South Africa, and Queen Victoria. Source:

Another handkerchief with identical images, this one dated 1899.

A silk handkerchief bearing the image of Lord Roberts, ca. 1910.

A British pin-brooch with the image of Lord Roberts, date unknown.