The Joyce Project is a gargantuan undertaking and largely a one-man job, so mistakes, oversights, and glitches are inevitable. I am grateful to the dozens of email correspondents who have found typos, inquired about coding problems, identified factual errors, suggested relevant scholarly works, supplied more complete attributions for images, and so forth. Most images, videos, and audio recordings on the site have been downloaded from the internet, with identification of the source and precise information about the work when available, but without permission or compensation. If you object to my using something to which you hold the rights, I'll remove it without delay. Write me at John Hunt.

Positive feedback is also welcome. I enjoy hearing from people making their way through Ulysses for the first time as much as from long-time Joyceans. The site was originally conceived as an aid for my students, so knowing that new readers find it helpful gives me great pleasure. A sense of international connection sustains me too, having corresponded with more than one hundred users in the US, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Japan, China, Iran, Iraq, Israel, India, and Bangladesh.

Many people write to me with suggestions for notes, or for changes or additions to existing notes. A much smaller number offer to write notes themselves. These submissions are very welcome, but they typically involve laborious back and forth between writer and editor, given the unfamiliar and demanding form I have devised by long trial and effort for Joyce Project notes. Anyone who wants to submit a note should pay close attention to these ten elements of house style:

Submit notes by email and I will respond as quickly as possible. If I post your work I'll credit you at the bottom of the note and also on the Contributors page.