Tally of Notes

I'm adding notes both sequentially and randomly—i.e., building up suites for entire chapters in order, while also writing isolated notes for later chapters, in no order. For anyone who wishes to see where things stand, here is a tally of the total notes (not links) referenced in each episode of Ulysses.

Telemachus 168 (completed)
Nestor 105 (completed)
Proteus 221 (completed)
Calypso 122 (completed)
Lotus Eaters 120
Hades 108
Aeolus 67
Lestrygonians 118
Scylla and Charybdis 72
Wandering Rocks 82
Sirens 63
Cyclops 96
Nausicaa 66
Oxen of the Sun 92
Circe 233
Eumaeus 74
Ithaca 127
Penelope 79

Many notes are linked to passages in multiple chapters. The total number of unique notes to which all these highlighted passages link, so far, is 837. For a complete list, see the alphabetical Index of Titles.