Akasic records

When, in the first chapter of the novel, Stephen thinks of his mother being “Folded away in the memory of nature with her toys,” he may be suspected of indulging an idiosyncratic fancy. But later chapters make clear Joyce's interest in the theosophical notion of a cosmic memory encompassing the memories compiled by all sentient beings in a kind of universal library of the soul's experiences. Stephen ponders these "akasic records" in Aeolus, and in Oxen of the Sun the narrative glances at the similar idea of a "plasmic memory."

JH 2011

The Long Room, the old library of Trinity College, Dublin, ca. 1885, in a photograph held in the National Library of Ireland. Source: twistedsifter.com.

Photographic portrait of Alfred Percy Sinnett, date unknown. Source: Wikimedia Commons.