Kevin Egan speaks to Stephen "Of Ireland, the Dalcassians, of hopes, conspiracies, of Arthur Griffith now." His theme is Irish self-rule. The Dalcassians (Dál Cais) were a Gaelic tribe in Munster, with holdings along the River Shannon. They became powerful in the 10th century and produced many kings, including the famous "Brian Boru" (Brian Bóruma in Old Irish, Brian Bóroimhe in modern Irish) of whom Bloom thinks in Ithaca. Until the Free State in 1922 and the Republic that followed, Brian was the closest that Ireland got to unified native rule.

John Hunt 2015

Sculpture of Brian Boru outside the Chapel Royal in Dublin, photographed in 2012 by Marshall Henrie. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Battle of Clontarf, oil painting by Hugh Frazer, 1826, held in the Isaacs Art Center. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Flag traditionally associated with Munster, "the province of Desmond and Thomond," as represented by Mario Fabretto and António Martins-Tuválkin, 2008. Source: www.crwflags.com.