Brian Boroimhe House

Just north of the Crossguns bridge on Prospect Road, the funeral carriages in Hades pass a pub called the "Brian Boroimhe house," named after the great Irish leader Brian Boru who reigned as High King from 1002 to 1014 and whose army defeated the Danes at Clontarf. The mourners are now in the suburb of Glasnevin, home of the Prospect Cemetery, and Bloom thinks, "Near it now." This pub is noteworthy as one of about a dozen mentioned in Ulysses whose doors remain open today, and it is intriguing on other grounds, particularly Joyce's Irish spelling of its name.

John Hunt 2020

Recent photograph of the shopfront of the Brian Boru pub. Source:

Detail of a map in the Brian Boru pub, dated December 1883 in the lower right-hand corner, with a misspelled version of the name used in the novel. Source: Senan Molony.

More of the same map, showing the pub's proximity to a railway station and "The North City Cattle Lairs."

Painting of Brian Boru on horseback mounted over the front door of Hedigan's Brian Boru pub, artist and date unknown. Source: Senan Molony.

Poster displayed in the Brian Boru, advertising the public auction sale of the pub on 15 July 1904. Source: Senan Molony.