Ulysses makes many references to the "cattlemarket" that for about a century stood at the intersection of the North Circular Road and Prussia Street. Bloom once worked there for a cattle trader named "Joseph Cuffe," who fired him for being too opinionated with a rancher. One of Bloom's strongly held opinions is that the Corporation should build a tram line from the market to the Liffey, so that cattle could be transported by train to the quays rather than driving them through the city streets.

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1935 photograph of the cattle market on the North Circular Road, held in the Folklore Photograph Collection of University College, Dublin. Source:

Schematic map of central Dublin in John Henry Raleigh's The Chronicle of Leopold and Molly Bloom, showing Dublin Cattle Market on the northwest edge.

1950s photograph of drover leading cattle through the streets of Dublin. Source:

1930s colorized photograph from the Special Collections of the University of California at Santa Cruz, showing a drover herding cattle along the North Circular Road, with a tram close behind. Source: