Sandow's exercises

The "Sandow's exercises" that Bloom thinks about in Calypso and Circe come from a book that sits on his bookshelves, "Eugen Sandow's Physical Strength and How to Obtain It." Sandow was internationally famous as a "body-builder" (he coined the term), and he became a kind of guru of physical fitness in the 1890s and early 1900s. Ireland went gaga over him after an 1898 series of performances.

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Eugen Sandow. Source:

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Eugen Sandow, Strength and How to Obtain It, 2nd ed., 1911. (The cover of the original 1897 edition is nearly identical.) Source:

Sandow à la Dying Gaul.

Trophy awarded annually to Mr. Olympia. Source: Andrew Heffernan.