Dorset Street

"Dorset street" is a major thoroughfare in the north part of inner Dublin, running from southwest to northeast. Eccles Street, where the Blooms live, is a short street just inside the North Circular Road whose eastern end marks the junction of Upper and Lower Dorset Streets. The pub owned by "Larry O'Rourke" sits on the corner of Dorset and Eccles, while "Dlugacz's" shop is on Upper Dorset Street, farther south toward the river. Bloom's food-finding jaunt on Dorset Street in Calypso reappears as a food fight in Circe, and in Sirens the approach of Boylan's carriage to Eccles Street is signaled by the phrase, "Jingle into Dorset Street."

John Hunt 2014

William York Tindall's photograph from the 1950s showing the corner pub that was formerly Larry O'Rourke's, looking from Dorset Street toward Bloom's front door on Eccles Street in the middle of the picture. Source: The Joyce Country.

Detail of Bartholomew's Plan of Dublin, 1900, showing the Mater Misericordiae hospital at the northwest end of Eccles Street and Lower and Upper Dorset Streets meeting at its southeastern end. Source: Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland.