Gretta Conroy

A second character from Dubliners appears in Calypso when Molly asks her husband, "What had Gretta Conroy on?" Gabriel and Gretta Conroy are the principal characters of "The Dead," the novella-length story that concludes Dubliners. Later, Bloom thinks briefly of Gabriel and of his Aunt Julia, one of two maiden aunts who figure prominently in the story. Stephen remembers the other aunt, who was his godmother. The novel also frequently mentions a "Father Conroy" who may or may not be Gabriel's brother Constantine.

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Angelica Huston as Gretta Conroy and Donal McCann as Gabriel Conroy in the 1987 film of The Dead directed by John Huston. Source:

The "Three Graces," Mary Jane (Teresa Willis), Aunt Kate (Judith Scarpone), and Aunt Julia (Jacque Lynn Colton), in a 2008 production of the Open Fist Theatre Company in Los Angeles, directed by Charles Otte. Source: