Daily Express

The Daily Express, or "the Express," was a morning newspaper of very conservative political orientation published in Dublin from 1851 to 1921. It plays a miniscule role in Ulysses, but that one passing moment of interest raises interesting questions about Joyce's earlier writings. In Aeolus Bloom thinks he has heard that J. J. O'Molloy "does some literary work for the Express with Gabriel Conroy," which sends the reader back to a charged moment in The Dead. Conroy's involvement with the Express, in turn, demands to be situated within the context of Joyce's own writing for that newspaper.  

JH 2018

Page 1 of the 4 May 1916 Daily Express, announcing (under the banner "Rebel Leaders Pay the Penalty") that Pearse, MacDonagh, and Clarke have been executed by firing squad. Source: www.whytes.ie.