In Eumaeus Bloom urges Stephen to make money from his talents as a writer: "literary labour not merely for the kudos of the thing. Writing for the newspapers which is the readiest channel nowadays." Stephen takes no more interest in this proposal than he did when it came from the mouth of Myles Crawford in Aeolus, but Bloom is right about the abundant opportunities. An astonishing number of morning, evening, and weekly papers circulated in 1904 Dublin, no fewer than 16 of them mentioned in Ulysses. Most hold some literary interest, whether for the people, events, and politics represented in the novel, or for characters in the stories of Dubliners, or for Joyce's own early publishing efforts.

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Men and boys reading newspapers outside the Chicago Daily News building in 1911. Source:

The first page of "The Sisters. By Stephen Dedalus," story published in 13 August 1904 issue of The Irish Homestead. Source: Cyril Pearl, Dublin in Bloomtime.