United Irishman

The "United Irishman" was a weekly newspaper founded by Arthur Griffith and William Rooney in 1899. It appeared every Thursday until the government shut it down with the pressure of a libel suit in 1906. (It was reincarnated as Sinn Féin, which lasted until the government shut that down in 1914.) In a 6 September 1906 letter to his brother Stanislaus, Joyce remarked that this nationalist publication was the only Irish newspaper of any "pretensions" to real value, but he attacked Rooney's poetry in 1902, and his parody of Griffith's writing in Cyclops is at best ambivalent.

John Hunt 2018

The first issue of The United Irishman in 4 March 1899, founded by Arthur Griffith upon his return from covering the Boer War. Source: www.nli.ie/blog.

William Rooney in the 1890s. Source: Wikimedia Commons.