County Leitrim

In Calypso Bloom imagines young publicans-to-be "Coming up redheaded curates from the county Leitrim, rinsing empties and old man in the cellar." The picture is of rustics scraping by in the big city, doing menial labor. Joyce appears to have based this picture on an actual employee of O'Rourke's pub named Patrick Mulhern. Later in the novel Bloom mentions the Leitrim town where Mulhern was born, "Carrick-on-Shannon," as a kind of quintessentially Irish backwater far removed from exotic foreignness.

John Hunt 2017

The 32 counties of Ireland. Source:

Page from the 1901 census entry showing people living on the premises of Larry O'Rourke's pub, including one Patrick Mullherne. Source: Senan Molony.