Bloom recognizes the girl standing ahead of him in the butchershop in Calypso—she is "the nextdoor girl"and he knows the name of her employer: "His eyes rested on her vigorous hips. Woods his name is. Wonder what he does." Joyce here took advantage of both the strengths and the weaknesses of his reliance on Thom's directory, reproducing the common urban and suburban phenomenon of knowing a neighbor's name but not his occupation. As the next few paragraphs unfold, Bloom weaves together what he knows and does not know about the family, as well as the imagery of the butchershop, in a lascivious fantasy about a vulnerable young woman.

John Hunt 2017

An English "maid of all work," in the book Living London (1900).
Source: visitvictorianengland.blogspot.com.

Detail of map constructed for 1898 Thom's Almanac and Directory, showing Eccles Lane north of Eccles Street. Source: digital.ucd.ie.

Patrick and Rosanna Woods ca. 1880, in a photograpgh reproduced on James Joyce Online Notes by permission of their great-grandson, Paul Duffy.
Source: www.jjon.org.