J. C. Doyle

In Calypso Molly tells her husband that she will be performing Là ci darem la mano with baritone "J. C. Doyle." Later, in Hades, Bloom says that "we'll have all topnobbers. J. C. Doyle and John MacCormack I hope and. The best, in fact." Today Doyle is not half so well known as the famous tenor John McCormack, but in his day he ranked among the most highly regarded Irish musicians, and he helped promote the younger man's career when McCormack was starting out. By putting these two formidable singers on a stage with Molly, Joyce was recreating a glorious moment from his own past in August 1904.

John Hunt 2021

1904 photographic portrait of J. C. Doyle, held in the National Library of Ireland. Source: Igoe, Real People.

J. C. Doyle's performance of A Lowly Peasant Girl. Source: www.youtube.com.