Philip Beaufoy

Joyce apparently invented the title of the "prize titbit" that Bloom reads on the toilet in Calypso, Matcham's Masterstroke. The man listed as its author, however––"Mr Philip Beaufoy, Playgoers' Club, London"––was an actual person who did publish stories in Tit-Bits. He was born Zaleq Philip Bergson and became successively Philip Bergson, Philip Beaufoy, and Philip Beaufoy Barry. He was, remarkably, the brother of Henri Bergson, an important philosopher whom Joyce admired.

John Hunt 2023

Beaufoy's children's novel The Mystery of the Blue Diamond.

Beaufoy's popular history Twenty Human Monsters In Purple and in Rags From Caligula to Landru A.D.12–A.D. 1922. Source:

Philosopher Henri Bergson, in a photographic portrait of unknown date held in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress, Washington DC. Source: Wikimedia Commons.