Vailed eyelids

"Drawing back his head and gazing far from beneath his vailed eyelids," Bloom ogles an attractive woman who is standing at the curb on the other side of Westland Row. The unfamiliar word means "lowered," but commentators have never satisfactorily explained the reason for Bloom's eyelids being half closed. Study of the word's usage in Shakespeare's time suggests that it shows him surrendering to the woman's beauty.

John Hunt 2021

George Clooney's bedroom eyes. Source:

The Victorian way of doffing head-gear. Source:

Kenneth Branagh and Julie Christie in Branagh's 1996 film Hamlet. Source:

Woodcut print on the title page of Juan de Mena's 1499 work Las CCC, showing Juan doffing his cap to King John II. Source:

A medieval courtly lover abasing himself before his beloved in the feudal trope of "love service" initiated by the troubadour poets. Source: