Horsey women

In Lotus Eaters Bloom watches a stylishly dressed woman who is about to mount a jaunting car and thinks of her "caste," which is unmistakably upper-crust. She reminds him of "that haughty creature at the polo match," and in Lestrygonians he returns to thoughts of "those horsey women" of the Anglo-Irish landed gentry who "Swagger around livery stables" and ride to the hounds. They intimidate him, both because of their wealthy disdain for commoners and because of the sexual power implied by bestriding large beasts. In Circe his fantasy of sexually taming such powerful women gives way to masochistic surrender as three rich society ladies accuse him of intolerable improprieties.

John Hunt 2019

Composite of two images from Victorian clothing catalogues, the one on the right from 1861. Source:

"Out With the Hounds," a hand-colored postcard, date unknown, that shows a man with a "vermiliion" coat and a woman with a "long train" "putting her mount to" a fence.  Source:

East Sussex huntswoman Jane Goring repeatedly striking animal rights activist Simon Medhurst with her riding crop in 2018, an action which led to assault charges. Source: