Shelbourne Hotel

The "Shelbourne hotel," recently restored to some of its former glory by the Marriott corporation, is a Dublin landmark on the north side of St. Stephen's Green. Bloom thinks of having gone there to buy some articles of clothing from a Mrs. Miriam Dandrade when he and Molly were desperately trying to make a living selling second-hand clothes. The experience of joining a rich lady in her hotel room to look through her underthings has made a vivid impression on Bloom.

John Hunt 2019

The Shelbourne Hotel in a Photochrom (color photolithograph) print made between 1890 and 1905, held in the Prints and Photographs division of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.  Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Photograph of unknown date, held in the National Library of Ireland, showing carriages pulled up before the Shelbourne across from St. Stephen's Green. Source:

Photograph of unknown date showing a large carriage pulled up before the Shelbourne and one of the statues that greeted visitors: two Nubian princesses, and two fettered Nubian slave girls, cast by the studio of M. M. Barbezet of Paris. Source:

Front cover of The Shelbourne Hotel, a history by Elizabeth Bowen (Knopf, 1951). Source: