M'Carthy took the floor

Bloom supposes that the Irish aren't naturally suited to playing cricket: "Donnybrook fair more in their line. And the skulls we were acracking when M'Carthy took the floor." The reference is to an 1888 music hall song, "Enniscorthy," which fed the stereotype of Irish men as brawlers. Joyce quite liked the song, judging by its eight appearances in Finnegans Wake.

John Hunt 2022

Poster advertising the song. Source: peterchrisp.blogspot.com.

15 July 1987 performance of Enniscorthy by Charles Peake and Company at the Clothworkers Concert Hall, University of Leeds, from a show called Song in Finnegans Wake. Source: www.youtube.com.

The song's lyrics. Source: peterchrisp.blogspot.com.