Old Mrs Riordan

A blaringly outspoken figure from the early pages of A Portrait of the Artist returns in Ulysses, much muted, as both Bloom and Molly think back to the last days of "old Mrs Riordan." In Ithaca Stephen and Bloom discover that they both knew Dante Riordan: she served as a governess in the Dedalus household and later lived in the same hotel as the Blooms. Molly's dislike of the woman puts a kind of coda to the story of this bitterly pious old zealot, whose real-life model John Joyce's biographers have called "fat and formidable" (128).

JH 2021

Unsigned framed drawing by an unknown Greek artist (possibly Alexandros Karavas?) on a wall of the Café San Marco in Trieste, photographed in 2019 by Senan Molony. Source: Senan Molony.

16 November 1896 Dublin South death certificate for Mrs. Elizabeth Conway. Source: Senan Molony.