Sacred Heart

Some of the monuments in the Glasnevin cemetery feature Sacred Heart icons: sculptures in which Christ's heart is visible on or in his chest. This imagery belongs to a popular devotional practice founded by Marguerite-Marie Alacoque, a 17th century French nun whose name Buck Mulligan mocks in Scylla and Charybdis: "Blessed Margaret Mary Anycock!" In Hades Bloom thinks of how important her devotion is to Irish Catholics, but he adds some skeptical commentary inspired by a different image of an exposed heart in Shakespeare's Othello. The birds pecking at that heart lead him still further afield to a story of pecking birds told of a Greek painter, whose name he gets wrong, and then confuses with a Greek god.... This wandering chain of mental associations suggests that Bloom is not much interested in the spiritual benefits of the Sacred Heart.

JH 2022

A Sacred Heart carving in the Glasnevin cemetery, photographed in 2010 by IrishFireside. Source:

Jesus making promises to Margaret Mary. Source:

Oil painting of the Sacred Heart being adored by Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart and Margaret Mary Alacoque, artist and date unknown.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Still Life with Grapes and a Bird, oil on canvas painting ca. 1500-10 by Antonio Leonelli, held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City. Source:

1613 Dutch engraving held in the Amsterdam University Library, showing Zeuxis running past Parrhasius's painting of a curtain toward his own painting of a boy with grapes, Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Martina Folena, in a 2020 video of "Apelle, figlio di Apollo." Source: