College Green

College Green is a paved plaza (it has not been green for a very long time) west of the main entrance of Trinity College in south central Dublin. Several major streets converge on it: Grafton Street from the south, Dame Street from the west, Westmoreland Street from the north, and College Street from the northeast. The Bank of Ireland building, former home of the Irish Parliament, stands on its northern edge.

John Hunt 2023

Robert French's ca. 1890 photograph of College Green, held in the National Library of Ireland, looking west from Trinity College down Dame Street with the parliament building and a tram in the foreground and the equestrian statue of "King Billy" in the background. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Etching from the 25 April 1868 issue of the Illustrated London News showing a regal procession through College Green on the occasion of the Prince of Wales's 1868 visit, with the statue of King William and the parliament building in the foreground and Trinity College in the background. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

2014 map of the College Green parliamentary district as it existed from 1885 to 1918, generated by MrPenguin20. Source: Wikimedia Commons.