The "Nannetti" first encountered in Aeolus, shortened in some Dublin mouths to "Nannan" and identified very precisely in Ithaca as "Councillor Joseph P. Nannetti, M. P., Rotunda Ward, 19 Hardwicke street," was an actual Dubliner. As the print foreman at the Freeman's Journal he matters to Bloom chiefly as the man who can get Alexander Keyes' ad placed in the paper, but he also figures in the novel as a son of immigrants who attained considerable prominence in Irish politics. 

John Hunt 2018

Photograph of Joseph Patrick Nannetti from the 2 February 1907 issue of the Illustrated London News. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Photograph of Nannetti in his mayoral robe and chain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Nannetti’s Emporium of Fine Arts at no. 6 Great Brunswick Street, in a drawing reproduced in Henry Shaw's Dublin Pictorial Guide & Directory (1850). Source:

Religious statues in an Irish shop window today. Source: