Dublin Corporation

From Hades onward, the novel makes seemingly countless references to "the corporation" and its members. Dublin Corporation was the name applied collectively to a strong-council (i.e., weak-mayor) city government composed of three kinds of elected officials: "councillor," "alderman," and "lord mayor." These officials, their committees, and many of the bureaus that administered their policies were housed in City Hall, a striking 18th century building which stands just off Dame Street in the heart of central Dublin, near Dublin Castle.

John Hunt 2018

Dublin City Hall as seen from Lord Edward Street in 2016, photographed by David Dixon. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The "gingerbread carriage," a.k.a. the Lord Mayor's coach, in a recent photograph. Source: www.dublincity.ie.

Lord Mayor Nial Ring, with the Chain of Office, at a Dublin footrace in 2018. Source: twitter.com.

Cartoon portrayal by Thomas Fitzpatrick of The Right Honourable Joseph Hutchinson, Lord Mayor, published in the Lepracaun in 1905, copy held in the Dublin City Library and Archive. Source: digital.libraries.dublincity.ie.

Irish politician Timothy Harrington in 1894, from the Black & White Parliamentary Album 1895. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

View of the Royal Exchange in 1792, in one of James Malton's 25 aquatint etched prints titled Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City of Dublin. Source: Wikimedia Commons.