Saint Mary's Abbey

The 8th section of Wandering Rocks takes place in the chapter house of "saint Mary's abbey," the only remaining building of what had once been a large complex housing the wealthiest abbey in Ireland. By 1904 the noble building had descended to serving as a warehouse for a seed business. There, Ned Lambert is giving a historical tour to the Reverend Hugh C. Love, a visitor to Dublin from a town about twenty miles west.

JH 2018

St. Mary's Abbey in Meetinghouse Lane, photograph by Alain de Garsmeur in McCabe and Garsmeur, James Joyce: Reflections of Ireland (Macmillian, 1993).

The arched stone roof of the chapter house, in a 2008 photo autostitched from 42 smaller photos by Andy Sheridan. The late-added floor to which D. A. Chart refers is still there, but it is not visible in the photograph. Source:

Schematic map of Dublin in John Henry Raleigh's The Chronicle of Leopold and Molly Bloom, with arrows added to show locations of the chapter house in Meetinghouse Lane and the Grattan Bridge.