New space-time. Section 2 of Wandering Rocks, which is quite short, takes place at the entrance to Harry J. O'Neill's, an "undertaker and job carriage proprietor" at 164 North Strand Road according to Thom's directory. This business was on the northeastern edge of the city, close to the spot where the road crosses the Royal Canal, and Father Conmee has passed it on his walk to Artane in section 1. One narrative interpolation glances at an action of Conmee's that took place in that section (though it could well be viewed as happening in this one), and another at an event that is represented in section 3. These links to the sections just before and after show two kinds of impression that Joyce's interpolations can create: of perfect and less than perfect simultaneity.

John Hunt 2023

One of 57 photographs taken by H. McCrae during the summer of 1941 to document the destruction caused by German aerial bombardment on May 31, held in the North Strand Bombing Photographic Collection of the Dublin City Library and Archive. Source: northstrandbombing.ie.

Another of McCrae's photographs. Source: northstrandbombing.ie.

McCrae's photograph of 165-170 North Strand Road, with onlookers behind barrier. Source: northstrandbombing.ie.

Hanni Bailey's simplified map of Dublin with added arrows showing the locations of O'Neill's (orange), Newcomen Bridge (green), and the Blooms' house (blue). Source: Anderson, James Joyce.