Castleyard gate

New space-time. Section 15 of Wandering Rocks jumps across the Liffey once more to spots just a few blocks away from those seen in section 14. Martin Cunningham, Jack Power, and John Wyse Nolan leave their place of employment, Dublin Castle, via "the Castleyard gate" that opens onto its large northern courtyard and walk riverwards toward "James Kavanagh's winerooms." A "castle car" is waiting there to pick them up, but, oddly, it is already near them at the beginning of the section. Also oddly, at the end of the section the viceregal cavalcade passes by on Parliament Street, not in an interpolation from section 19 but in real time and space. One of the section's two interpolations echoes an action involving the cavalcade in section 19, but it seems possible that it too may also be occurring in a more present sense. And a third seeming interpolation takes place so nearby that it surely is not one. All of these details have the effect of making readers question whether they are correctly understanding the rules of the game.

John Hunt 2024

The Cork Hill gate of Dublin Castle, looking into the great courtyard, in a 2007 photograph by Wknight94. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Essex Gate in two photographs, one from the mid-20th century and the other from the 21st. Source:

Detail of Ian Gunn map showing City Hall (1), Kavanagh's (7), the Ormond Hotel (11), the starting point of section 15 (G), the route of the walkers (green arrow), the route of the castle car (added blue arrow), and the route of the viceregal cavalcade (wide green line). Source: Gunn and Hart, James Joyce's Dublin.

Dublin City Hall in a photograph of unknown date, seen from the northwest with men standing in the pavement on Cork Hill. Source:

Detail of 1920 Bartholomew map showing City Hall and Dublin Castle at the west of Dame Street, Cork Hill outside the castle's courtyard entryway, and Upper Exchange Street and Parliament Street beyond.