New space-time. Section 5 of Wandering Rocks takes place in "Thornton's," a fruit and flower shop at 63 Grafton Street where Blazes Boylan orders a gift basket of fresh fruits and other items to be delivered to Molly Bloom's house prior to their afternoon assignation. This is the first time the chapter has ventured south of the Liffey, and the first of three consecutive sections that take place in the prosperous and prestigious part of town around Trinity College. An interpolation takes readers to the scene in section 10 where Molly's husband is looking over a bookseller's cart to find her a new work of pornography, and a seeming interpolation (in fact it is not one) directs attention to the sandwichboard men previously seen in Lestrygonians. At the end of the section Boylan asks to use the telephone in Thornton's, and section 7 will show his secretary receiving this phone call.

John Hunt 2023

Hanni Bailey's simplified map of Dublin with arrow showing the location of Thornton's shop on Grafton Street. Source: Anderson, James Joyce.

Photograph from the studio of Frederick Holland Mares showing numbers  74-81 on Grafton Street ca. 1870-75, held in the National Library of Ireland on the Commons. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Photograph of Grafton Street farther north ca. 1880, looking toward Trinity College and showing numbers 108 and higher. Source:

Photograph of Grafton Street from 1892, showing numbers 39 and higher.

Spare Me's recent photograph of Tangier Lane at night, with the back of the Gaiety Theatre visible at right and the back of Neary's pub on the left.