D'Olier Street

New space-time. Section 7 of Wandering Rocks features Blazes Boylan's secretary "Miss Dunne," a woman who does not appear elsewhere in Ulysses. Her location is not specified, but a reference in Circe to "Miss Dunn at an address in D'Olier street" suggests that Boylan's office is on that commercial street between Trinity College and the O'Connell Bridge. If so, the section is sited several blocks north of section 6, itself taking place several blocks north of section 5. Two interpolations recall section 5 and anticipate section 9. At the end of the section a telephone rings and Miss Dunne speaks with her employer––a call which Boylan was about to make at the end of section 5. Although Miss Dunne is preoccupied with upcoming times in this section, there is no indication of the present time.

John Hunt 2023

1900 Bartholomew map of Dublin with superimposed arrow showing D'Olier Street. Source: Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland.

Photograph of unknown date looking across the O'Connell Bridge to the entrance to D'Olier Street. (Westmoreland Street opens at far right). Source: www.historicalpicturearchive.com.

The Wolfe Tone statue erected at the northeast corner of St. Stephen's Green much later, in 1967. Source: www.atlasobscura.com.

A Remington Standard 6 typewriter from 1904. Source: themechanicaltype.blogspot.com.