Closesteaming kitchen

New space-time. Section 4 is one of two parts of Wandering Rocks whose location cannot be known with certainty, but it appears to be 7 St. Peter's Terrace (now called St. Peter's Road) in the northwest suburb of Cabra where the Joyce family was living in 1904. It takes place in "the closesteaming kitchen" of the Dedalus home, where Stephen's sisters Katey and Boody have recently returned from school, and where their older sister Maggy is stirring pots on the stove. A fourth sister, Dilly, has "Gone to meet father," Maggy says. No fewer than three interpolations in this brief section jump to other parts of the city, one of them Dillon's auction house near which Dilly meets Simon. By simple narrative succession rather than interpolation the section also looks back to the moment when the onelegged sailor "swung himself violently forward past Katey and Boody Dedalus," and to "Mrs M'Guinness," the pawnbroker greeted on Mountjoy Square by Father Conmee.

John Hunt 2023

Recent photograph of 7 St. Peter's Road in Cabra. Source:

Hanni Bailey's simplified map of Dublin with added arrows marking the Dedalus house in section 4 (blue), the Bloom house in section 3 (red), O'Neill's in section 2 (green), Dillon's auction house in section 11 (orange), and the Liffey at George's Quay (pink). Source: Anderson, James Joyce.

William Murphy's recent photograph of Liffey water flowing under the Loopline bridge. Source:

Detail of a 1900 Bartholomew map of Dublin with superimposed blue arrows mapping the homeward course of Katey and Boody Dedalus as inferred by Gunn and Hart. Source: Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland.