Saint Francis Xavier's

Although the name of the church is not mentioned for several more pages, the 1st section of Wandering Rocks begins in front of "saint Francis Xavier's church, upper Gardiner street." Leaving his residence just north of the church, the Reverend John Conmee is seen coming "down the presbytery steps." His thoughts are interrupted less than a minute later by a "onelegged sailor" who "jerked short before the convent of the sisters of charity and held out a peaked cap for alms." This convent just south of the church mirrors the presbytery in appearance. The three buildings stand one block northwest of the park in "Mountjoy square," near Dublin's northeastern edge, and not far east of the Bloom's house in Eccles Street.

JH 2019

Early photograph, date unknown, of the St. Francis Xavier church lodged between its presbytery to the left and the convent of the Sisters of Charity to the right. Source:

Satellite view, looking east, of the presbytery, church, and convent buildings in proximity to Mountjoy Square Park. Source:

The altar in the church of St. Francis Xavier, on which, as very fine-eyed readers of "Grace" may notice, a "speck of red light" is faintly visible. Source: John Hunt.