Tom Kernan

After Bloom thinks of Gretta Conroy and M'Coy in Calypso, subsequent chapters reintroduce many other characters from the stories of Dubliners. One of the first is "Tom Kernan," mentioned on the first page of Lotus Eaters and seen at the funeral in Hades, along with two of the three men who shepherded him to a religious retreat in the story "Grace." (M'Coy was the third.) Various details of the short story carry over into Ulysses, including Kernan's relationships with the bottle, the Catholic faith, fine clothing, and a grocer named Fogarty.

John Hunt 2019

Tom Kernan being helped to his feet in Robin Jacques' illustration of "Grace." Source: James Joyce, Dubliners (Grafton Books, 1977).

Illustration of "Grace" for the de Selby Press edition of Dubliners, from a 2014 giclée print by Stephen Crowe. Source: