Kildare Street Club

At the turn of the century the "Kildare street club" was Dublin's most exclusive men's club, catering to the Anglo-Irish gentry in a striking building just south of Trinity College. Dress was important: Bloom thinks in Circe of a "Kildare street club toff," and Tom Kernan proudly supposes that his splendid second-hand topcoat may once have turned heads there: "Some Kildare street club toff had it probably." ("Toff," according to the OED, is "An appellation given by the lower classes to a person who is stylishly dressed or who has a smart appearance; a swell; hence, one of the well-to-do, a 'nob'.")

John Hunt 2019

The newly built Kildare Street Club in 1860. Source:

Billiards-playing monkeys ornamenting two columns of the clubhouse.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Illustration in the 14 September 1861 London Illustrated News showing the cricket ground of the Kildare Street Club. Source: