National Library

The National Library of Ireland and its architectural twin, the National Museum, face each other across a square on Kildare Street, in the heart of fashionable Dublin between Trinity College to the north, Merrion Square to the east, and St. Stephen’s Green to the south. Scylla and Charybdis takes place in the library, as Stephen presents his views on Shakespeare's life and work. At the same time, but off-screen, Bloom is paying a visit to the National Museum to inspect a plaster reproduction of a Greek statue. He enters the library about halfway through the chapter to look at a back issue of a newspaper.

JH 2016

English postcard of the National Library of Ireland, date unknown, owned by Sjoerd Koopman. Source:

The National Museum with its "cream curves of stone." Source:

The library's reading room. Source:

The library's entrance hall. Source:

The library's gate, leading to the portico. Source:

The corresponding gate leading to the museum. Source: