Merrion Square

New space-time. Section 17 of Wandering Rocks takes place on the northern edge of Merrion Square, a lovely urban oasis southeast of Trinity College that was originally constructed for the sole benefit of the prosperous citizens who lived around it. Three men, some distance apart from one another, walk in the same southeasterly direction along the continuous thoroughfare formed by Nassau Street (on the southern edge of the Trinity campus), Leinster Street, Clare Street, Merrion Square North (on the northern edge of the square), and Lower Mount Street. The man in the middle abruptly reverses his direction and, soon after, nearly collides with the third. There are no interpolations in this short section, but the movements of the three men sketch narrative connections with other sections and chapters.

John Hunt 2024

Detail of 1920 Bartholomew map showing Nassau, Leinster, Clare, Merrion North, and Lower Mount Streets leading from Trinity College past Merrion Square, and the "lawn" of Leinster House. Source:

Recent aerial photograph of Merrion Square taken from the west, with Clare Street visible at lower left and Mount Street Lower at top center.

The Kildare Street Club seen from across Nassau Street, in a ca. 1880-1900 Robert French photograph held in the Lawrence Photograph Collection of the National Library of Ireland. Source:

2013 photograph of the Wilde home on Merrion Square by Pi3.124.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

1890s photograph of the "pleasance" at the back side of Leinster House, colorized by Rob Cross in 2020. Source:

2010 photograph of the Davenport Hotel, formerly Merrion Hall, by DubhEire. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  Cartoon of Yeats and Russell going to meet one another from number 82 and number 84 Merrion Square, and missing each other at number 83.