Goldsmith's knobby poll

New space-time. Section 6 of Wandering Rocks shows Stephen Dedalus talking to his voice teacher Almidano Artifoni. Their location, not far from the Grafton Street locale of the previous section, is precisely defined by a reference to the statue of Oliver Goldsmith that stands behind the railings at the main entrance of Trinity College. Like the final three sections of the chapter, this one is not interrupted by any interpolated passages. It contains no mentions of time, but Stephen has walked to College Green from the National Library, and later mentions of Artifoni in sections 17 and 19 show him walking home after he misses his tram, a journey whose temporal duration can be approximately inferred.

John Hunt 2023

1900 Bartholomew map of Dublin with added arrows showing the location of Thornton's shop on Grafton Street (blue) and Goldsmith's statue in front of Trinity College (red). Source: Pierce, James Joyce's Ireland.

Statue of Oliver Goldsmith by John Henry Foley at the entrance to Trinity College, Dublin. Source:

Ca. 1890-91 photograph of College Green from the front of Trinity College, looking down Dame Street with the statue of Grattan in the foreground and the "blind porch" of the former parliament building at right, held in the National Library of Ireland on the Commons. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

  1900 photograph by Robert French showing two electrified trams passing by the Bank of Ireland and pedestrians walking past Goldsmith's statue in the foreground, held in the Lawrence Collection of the National Library of Ireland. Source: