Up the quay

Readers get only fragmentary glimpses of Bloom after he walks out of the Ormond hotel, but they can chart his course by the plan he makes at the outset, by the two shops he passes, and by one explicit stage direction: "Up the quay," i.e., westward along the river. His walk, which will take him to the pub in which Cyclops is set, begins fully four pages before the end of Sirens, but the amount of ground he covers in the chapter is minuscule. This feels psychologically significant.

John Hunt 2023

Bloom's travels before and after his time in the Ormond hotel, with the part covered at the end of Sirens shown between dot 10 and dot 12.
Source: Gunn and Hart, James Joyce's Dublin.

A map of the same area showing Greek Street.
Source: Nicholson, The Ulysses Guide.

The Grattan Bridge, with Ormond Quay Upper seen to the left, in an 1898 photograph by Robert Augustus Henry L'Estrange held in the Digital Collections of the Queensland University of Technology. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Ormond Quay Lower seen from the south bank of the Liffey, in an 1897 photograph by J. J. Clarke held in the Clarke Photographic Collection of the National Library of Ireland. Source: catalogue.nli.ie.