Deshil Holles Eamus

Joyce said that Oxen of the Sun would develop embryonically through a chronological succession of prose styles inspired by writers of English prose. Here at the beginning, he starts in the style of Latin hymns from the time before England was English. The three percussive paragraphs beginning with "Deshil Holles Eamus"—a phrase compounded from three languages meaning something like "Let us go rightward to Holles Street"—are chanted in a style suggestive of late Roman fertility rites. Throughout this chapter, whenever there seems to be a distinct change, notes beginning with the heading "New Style" will seek to characterize the sources, properties, and purposes of the governing style of the moment.

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Marble portrait ca. 160 AD of the emperor Lucius Verus, with crown added later depicting him as an Arval Brother, held in the Louvre Museum, Paris. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Title page of vol. 2 of the 1913 Dublin (2nd) edition of P. W. Joyce's A Social History of Ancient Ireland. Source:

Marble head of a flamen (a pagan priest), ca. 250-260 AD, held in the Louvre, Paris. Source: Wikimedia Commons.