That person's acumen

New Style. "Universally that person's acumen . . . ever irrevocably enjoined?": In this paragraph of two long and nearly impenetrable sentences Gifford hears "An imitation of the Latin prose styles of the Roman historians Sallust (86-34 B.C.) and Tacitus (c. 55-120 A.D.). The manner of this passage suggests a literal translation, without Anglicization of word usage and syntax." Despite its unreadability, the paragraph adds more layers to the associations of divinity and fertility laid down in the first three paragraphs.

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Portrait of Sallust in Schedel's Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493. Source:

1902 photographic facsimile by Henricus Rostagno of a page from Tacitus' Annals copied by a monk in the 11th century, Codex Mediceus 68 II fol. 38 r. Source: Wikimedia Commons.