Kingsbridge Station

In Penelope Molly recalls having seen Stephen Dedalus when he was half his present age: "I saw him driving down to the Kingsbridge station with his father and mother I was in mourning thats 11 years ago now yes hed be 11." The Kingsbridge station, now called Heuston, is on the western edge of Dublin. It connects Dublin by train with western and southern parts of Ireland, and in late 1893 James Joyce (then 11) made a trip to Cork with his father, leaving from Kingsbridge Station.

JH 2019

Photograph by John J. Clarke, ca. 1897-1904, of a jaunting car passing the Kingsbridge railway station. Source:

Another photograph from the same era, showing more of the station and more cabs. Source:

2005 photograph of Heuston station from the other side of King's Bridge, on the "northern quays." Source: